Fast Gmail & Orkut Login

For low speed connections logging in to orkut or gmail could becomes an irritating task. You must have experienced gmail login problem especially on a dial up connection. Login in to gmail is comparatively slower because of its rich user interface, because of that sometimes the gmail login screens gives an error. And in orkut also sometimes the login box does not appears and says “connection timed out” or “server not responding” kind of messages. Following are some tips and tricks to login into gmail and orkut faster even with low speed internet connections.

Gmail login tricks
- Use HTML version of gmail instead of standard version. You can access to gmail’s HTML version directly from this url
- Also try gmail mobile version via ,it is very lo-fi version of gmail but the speed of logging in really fast, it is opening instantly on my system. The mobile version of gmail login page is simple, fast and furious. So no more gmail login problems now.

Orkut login tricks
- Directly open the small orkut login box from this url, it will skip the homepage of the orkut which consists of some images and worthless text. It really works, so try it :)

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