Stop Downloads and Resume in Next Session

Downloading a large file in Firefox? 90% completed and power gone? Well then only thing you can do is to cancel the download and start it all over again in the next browsing session. Now there is a solution to it.

Download Statusbar is a firefox extension that replaces your conventional firefox download window with the download statusbar. With this addon you can pause your downloads and can resume it in your next sessions.

As soon as you start downloading a file, it will start doing it without opening the firefox window. During the download it will show you the status of the download in a progress bar, download speed, time and much more. When the download is finished you can choose to open the file, open the containing folder and even delete the file. You can see more features of this extension by changing its settings like appearance, file scans and more.


* Auto-hides when not in use
* Single-click pause and resume
* Pause all, Resume all, Cancel all, and Remove all finished - available from the context menu of the bar itself
* Run a completed file with a double click on its finished box. Open containing folder, remove, and rename from the context menu
* In-line view of percent done, speed in KB/sec, KB downloaded so far, and remaining time, can be customized in the options
* Updating tooltip provides a more detailed view of the current download, including source, destination, size of the download and the remaining time
* Option to automatically clear files after a specified number of seconds
* Copy source URL from the context menu
* Stop downloads and save them for the next browser session
* Delete a file from your system from the context menu
* Localized strings for translation
* Option to start virus scanner when a download completes
* On browser close, option to continue downloads in download manager

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