Facebook Tips & Tricks

Facebook has been the buzz word in recent times. Well, almost all the social networking sites are getting world’s attention. We are enjoying this wonderful phase web 2.0 and we keep on trying our hands on cool tips and tricks to enhance our web experience. Here i come with some facebook tips and tricks.

See all your friend’s pictures in a tiles format
Login into Facebook and in your facebook sidebar click on the my friends link you will see a drop down box next to show, now hover or rollover your mouse and then click on one of the dashed lines (–). You will see a page full of al the profile pictures of all your facebook friends. The profile photos will be shown in a tiled format. It really looks cool try it.

See creator’s profile
Creator in a facebook community is the first profile created in your community. Generally you can’t search for his profile. But by using this cool facebook trick you can do it, just follow some simple steps. Goto your profile page and look at your id in the url in the address bar of your web browser. The first few numbers represent your school ID, so if you change the rest of the numbers to zero and the last number to one. It will show you the first person or the first profile created from your school, college or work place. This profile is known as “Creator’s” profile. This trick is not much of use, but just in case.

Give wooden look to facebook
This greasemonkey javascript will give your facebook pages an antiquated and wooden look. So, don’t just get stick to old boring design, keep trying out new ones. Facebook wooden look

Automatic Facebook login
Aren’t you fed up of keep on logging into facebook everytime you want to check new messages. This cool greasemonkey javascript will keep you logged into facebook as long as the password is stored in your firefox web browser. Automatic facebook login

Remove annoying Facebook applications
Clean out all those annoying applications people add. This javascript will remove all those crappy applications from any facebook profile you are viewing. The profile were never so cleaner before ;) Facebook applications cleaner

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