Why Social Networking sites are popular?

Why only Social Networking ?, we could have talked about tech gadgets and other technical tips, tricks. The reason being that social networking sites are for every one, from students to housewives and from rich to poor. Social networking sites have brought people on an even platform where everybody enjoys his own space, privacy and interactions with others.

With six crores registered members. Orkut is doing great in terms of traffic and reveneue, and above all it has helped Google to raise their social graph to the next level. Orkut is very popular in south asian countries, Brazil and Latin America. But it has failed to impress people from United States and UK. The reason could be either the orkut could not become viral in USA and UK as it did in some south asian countries and Brazil. The zones where orkut is popular are denesely populated areas of the world which even helped it in becoming a Viral thing.

With orkut becoming more and more popular. Other social bookmarking sites also came into the picture, with likes of friendster, bebo. MySpace has already a large maket share and it seems to continue occupying that much for atleast another few years.

A large event happened in social networking phase when facebook got world’s attention. Facebook brought forward a complete new idea and made a platform where developers are free to create their own applications which could help them in promoting their own websites and other ventures too. WIth that kinda platform facebook is here to stay for long. With facebook, people keep getting new applications and hence new features unlike in other similar social networking sites.

Now with facebook taking over the internet, we can expect Google to do something to take orkut to the next level or atleast somewhere near to Facebook. And as expected they seem to have taken the path of openness as they will be announcing some open APIs for orkut.com which would let developers to orkut more seriously than ever. More developers means more features, more features means more buzz.

So, Social networking is here to stay. The platforms can change, their marketing strategies can change but their popularity is not gonna go anywhere down.

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