Google Tricks

Google has been a blessing for developers. I use Google Search more than 50 times a day, and I am sure that I am not the only Crazy Googler around. Google search gives us everything with just a click. I have compiled a small list of hacks that will enhance your searching experince and might help you out greatly sometimes. Enjoy some cool google tricks :

Fuzzy Search
Fuzzy search is type of search made by fuzzy matching. Google returns the results for even the relevent keywords for your query. For example when you search for ~music player, the google search also look for keywords like mp3 music, radio etc. etc. Isn’t is a cool google trick.

Page title search
The page title is the single most part of the page. The title depicts the content. You can search only in page titles using allintitle: before the query. Try searching for “allintitle:tricks”. This query will return all the pages having the tricks keyword n their title.

Google Calculator
Just enter the expression in the google search box and press enter, the next page will show the result of that expression. Try searching for 5+2*2 and see the result.

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