Search Rapidshare with Rapidshare Search Engines

Lets talk about Rapidshare today, i know you all must have downloaded and uploaded files from this 12th most popular website on earth according to Alexa. They do have a large database of files, and whenever you are searching for something like files or tools, that something is very likely to be present in rapidhare’s database. But the problem you might have faced is to how to search Rapidshare’s giant pile up of files. You have always missed a true rapidshare searcher, So, I am going to tell you some easy ways of rapidshare searching.

Search Rapidshare using Google
When we talk about search, Google can never be avoided. Yes, we can do Rapidshare search with the help of some tricky google queries too. So, what all you need to do is just put some standard search operators like inurl:pdf avi|wmv|mpg|nva inurl:mp3
for example if you are searching for xyz software in zip format then Google, inurl:zip xyz or inurl:zip xyz

Best Rapidshare Search Engines
Ok, if you don’t want to use those complex looking operators, then you can use following search engines which are made specifically for doing rapidshare. There are hundreds of rapidshare search tools, i have compiled a list of some of the best for you.

These rapidshare search engines will make your life easy. Now use them and kill your bandwidth.

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