How To Delete Private Data in Firefox

This is a very simple way to clear your private data including download history, browsing history, cache, saved forms, cookies, authenticated session etc. in Firefox. If you thinking that this will be very difficult, then you are wrong. This is very simple.

Go to Tools > Privacy, and press the Security tab from the top.

Now below Private Data you will see the button Settings. Open that and check the checkboxes as shown below.

Now, go back to the previous window and check the two lines under Private Data as shown below.

Now close the Options window by pressing OK.

To close your private data, go to Tools > Clear Private Data. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del to clear it instantly. Or your private data will be already be cleared when you close your Firefox.

I hope you enjoyed this trick and would visit me again for more cool tricks and tips.

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